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Shorashim Center
Spiritual Jewish center
In constant renewal
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In downtown of Jerusalem
Close to the "action"...
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Shirat Yerushalayim Seminary
Be'era Shel Miriam (former)
Supportive and Loving Atmosphere
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On the Roof
A project for “street boys” from an ultra-orthodox background
Intensive Individual Care
Committed To Providing The Best

WHO We Are?

The Shorashim Center was established 21 years ago to foster Judaism in Jerusalen.

A 'Shorashim Center' in Jerusalem offers five activities: • The 'Shirat Yerushalayim' ('Be'era Shel Miriyam' former) girls seminary • A center for Jewish studies and rehabilitation of girls at risk • A multi-disciplinary center for studies and professional training. The professional seminary/center provides authorization and professional certification • Musical encounters, lectures, value–oriented activities and intimate conversations on the seminary's grassy roof. • A special study day for women – including special workshops • The 'Zuol'a' on the roof – a project to rehabilitate boys from ultra-orthodox homes who are at risk and in distress. The activities there are mainly at night, as an alternative to wandering the streets.



1.Increasing the number of girls to 60 girls on a permanent basis. 2.Increasing the number of girls who live outside the seminary to 150 a month. 3.Completing the construction of an infrastructure for the Zool'a on the roof. 4.Increasing the activities and establishing activities for boys in the Zool'a on the roof, in the hope of developing a learning framework for the boys during the night hours. 5.Developing an evening learning framework for boys wandering in the streets. 6.Further development of professional courses for girls at the seminary (in a college framework). 7.Absorbing a professional, therapeutic staff including a psychologist, social worker and housemothers for the apartments. 8.Efficiency steps and significant reduction in the maintenance running costs. 9.Renting "activity hours" to outsiders (during time that the place is not active). .

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Types of activities

Committed To Grant The Best

Jewish seminary: 'Shirat Jerusalem' (Beera Sh'el Miriyam former)

The 'Zool'a' on the roof – a project to rehabilitate boys from ultra- orthodox homes

Shorashim - A culture, music and spirit house

Awareness workshops, Yemima method with Rabbi Michi Yosefi

Musical Tish - Every Thursday night with Araleh Deutsch

A Jerusalem-based pre-army preparation academy.


Just in time of growing needs and economic crisis the existence of the project is threatened and we urgently need $50,000 to cover the budgetary deficit from all the banks, and another $15,000 monthly for the center's ongoing activities, as well as money to repair and weatherproof the Zool'a on the roof that collapsed last week under the heavy snow fall that was the heaviest in the last 100 years. We hope to build another tent next to the one that needs to be repaired and equip the place with the minimal equipment that will enable us to properly run the place and keep the place warm in the winter. With the help of an amazing team of volunteers we managed to run the place as a place of hope and transformation for thousands of young lost souls that were saved from falling deeper into crime and were able to re-build their life and build with Great Gratitude their new young families. It is still possible to save this project before it is getting too late.

Join Our Vision SUPPORT US

Your contribution will help us expand our programs as demand grows.